We use the latest technology to electronically create digital prints or printed prints for you.  A LiveScan Fingerprint system built on 256 bit encryption.

ATF Form 1

We can assist you with your ATF Form 1 submission by providing you with the following services:

  • Fingerprints (EFT file for ATF e-forms) or printed copy for manual submission
  • Passport type photo for your Form 1
  • Assist you in the submission of the Form 1 (you must submit yourself, but we can assist while in the store)

This can be with a trust of filed individually.  The cost is $50 (discounted to $40 if we sold it to you) for the first firearm and $10 each additional firearm at the same time.

ATF Form 4

When you purchase a NFA/Class III item from us or our website we take care of the process from start to finish:

  • Creation of trust if required (additional $85 cost)
  • Notarize your trust (additional $10 cost)
  • Fingerprints - EFT file for ATF e-forms (included in the cost of the NFA/Class III item)
  • Passport type photo for your Form 4 (included in the cost of the NFA/Class III item)
  • Submission of your Form 4 (included in the cost of the NFA/Class III item)
  • Pay the tax stamp (additional $205 cost)
  • Securely store (and insure) your NFA/Class III item until the tax stamp gets issued.

General Fingerprint

We are able to print fingerprint cards for any other purpose.  If a special card is required, you must provide that card during your fingerprinting session, otherwise a basic blank card will be used.

Cost for this service is $40 and includes 2 fingerprint cards.

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