MAD Partners is pleased to offer gunsmithing services. We can perform basic services on-site, and we have partnered with a local experienced gunsmith for the more detailed jobs.

Our Gunsmith Services

We specialize in AR builds, upgrades, or repairs:

      • AR Trigger – $50.00 (+parts)
      • Hand Guard – $25.00 (+parts)
      • Stock – $35.00 (+parts)
      • Barrel / Gas Block / Gas Tube – $50.00 (+parts)

Handgun repairs and upgrades:

      • Modern Semi-Auto – Starting at $50.00 (+parts)
      • Modern 1911 – Starting at $70.00 (+parts)
      • Revolvers – Starting at $70.00 (+parts)

Shop Rates:

      • Hourly rate $70.00, minimum of $35.00
      • Estimates $25.00 (applied toward the final bill if you decide to move forward with the repairs)
      • Factory Work (if the firearm needs to be sent back to the manufacture) – $25.00
      • Final bills will be calculated with shop time plus parts.

Discounts apply if the parts are purchased through MAD Partners.

Whether you need to fix an old firearm, repair a broken firearm, want to add scopes and accessories to your favorite firearm, we can help!

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