Laser Service Now Available

We have recently added a laser engraving machine to our products that we offer. We use a 50w fiber laser which can engrave metal (etch or deep engrave), plastics, polymer, and a few other materials. We currently cannot do wood. Please inquire for any potential projects or needs.  

Laser Engraving Set Up and Artwork Fee - $25.00 and Up.

This fee will be applied to any Laser Engraving that will need images converted over to be lasered. Logo’s, images, fonts, text, custom patterns and layouts. This fee will be applied at $80.00 per hour with a minimum of $25.00. 

NFA Engraving - $45.00 

NFA Engraving is done per ATF requirements. Letters are engraved at a minimum of 1/16” (.0625”) tall and a minimum of .003” deep. NFA Engraving Requirements NFA pricing is a set fee.

Magazine Engraving - $20.00 for both sides (This price includes a Gen 2 Magpul Magazine)

If you choose to use your own magazines we can engrave your personal magazines at $15 each.


Glock Handgun Laser Stippling - $175.00 and Up

Glock Handgun Stippling packages (only factory black Glock frames will be laser stippled) will start at $175.00 Setup and Artwork Fee - $25.00  and Up. Sides, front strap, backstrap portion and front traction points will be lasered. Seamless stippling patterns can only be done with certain patterns. Custom Engraving can be done by adding images, text, logo’s etc. into the frame. Adding an image/logo is $60.00 and Up depending on the image. 

Custom Laser Engraving (Letters, Quotes and Names) $75 

Minimum which includes up to 5 words, additional words will be an extra $10 for each word. Quotes available for larger engraving projects.

Custom Laser Engraving is available.  Please contact us with your project and we will go over details of pricing, Thank you!

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