If you found the perfect gun on-line, you can have the seller transfer the weapon to MAD Partners. We will handle the proper ATF paperwork, background checks, etc. to ensure a legal transfer of your firearm.


When you purchase a firearm from an on-line retailer (or someone out of state), you are required to have them ship that to a FFL within your state.  We, at MAD Partners, will accept this firearm for you.

Upon on arrival of your firearm, we will reach out to you and have you come into the store.  At that time you will complete the necessary paperwork and we will perform the required background checks.  Once clearance is given, you pay a small fee and leave with your new weapon.


We offer Gun Transfers for the following fees:

  • Basic transfer $40 (TN Customers will add $15 for TICS service fee)
  • AZ CCW Holder $30
  • Additional firearms on the same transfer $20 each 
  • NFA Items $75 each

Fees listed above are for processing transfers during our normal posted business hours.  If special arrangements are needed to accommodate your transfer outside of normal business hours an expedite fee of $50 may be added.


Due to numerous issues we are unable to accept packages from USPS.   If your package arrives from USPS it will have a $25 surcharge in addition to the transfer fees listed above.   Please ensure that your shipper uses either FedEx or UPS (as required by law)  to ship your firmarm to us.  While we understand that USPS may be cheaper, our job is to project your firearm and ensure that it gets to you.  For that reason we ONLY accept shipments from FedEx and UPS.

Shipments take up to 2 days to get checked in.  Please DO NOT call 10 minutes after UPS or FedEx drops off your package.  Also please DO NOT call if the package had an attempted drop off and no one was home (we are aware of the attempt and will work with UPS or FedEx on a future delivery date).

Arizona FFL & SOT:
Tennessee FFL:

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