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I just want to thank David Hess and his buddy from MAD Partners Inc. for getting that damn bullet button off my AR.  I know it was a pain to get it out and I thank you.  I am pleased that my AR has been liberated from being CA compliant.

Ted R.

If you and your family are looking for a starter handgun for home defense or a grizzled veteran looking for a new AR reach out to my guys at MAD Partners Inc. They took care of my family and they will take care of yours! They have new firearms arriving daily and plenty of ammo. If you have a special request they can source that as well. Reach out to Matt Rockwell for inventory updates. Thanks guys for taking care me and my family.

Gerrit B.

I have had a lot of friends in AZ asking where can I get a deal on guns. David Hess is you’re man! He has been great and has went above and beyond.  I have asked several dealers to locate me a FN 509 Tactical and I will just say that did not work out. I asked David once and he had it ordered same day and I wanted a red dot site. So not only did I get my favorite gun on the market I got a top end Trijicon red dot, and LED flash light. I also was in the market for an AR and they are building me one.

Nathan S.

Thanks again David!  I’ll be back soon!

Dallas J.

Haven’t shot it (Heritage Rough Rider .22LR) yet but for $125 I am impressed with the assembly and mechanics of this revolver.  My son’s BB gun was more than this.  Thanks MAD Partners, Inc.

Kit Casey S.

Big thanks to David Hess for the pleasant experience today. This little guy (Sig P365) is happy to not be lost anymore.

Jason K.

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